When Cheapskates Are Willing to Splurge

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If a self-admitted cheapskate will pay top dollar for something, that something’s got to be worthwhile.

A while back, I ran a series of posts asking various proud tightwads and personal finance experts to weigh in on what, if anything, they splurge on. Greg Karp’s Spending Smart column now hosts a similar roundup, calling on the opinions of two experts also featured in the It’s Your Money series—‘Ultimate Cheapskate’ Jeff Yeager and Karp himself—as well as the likes of Teri Gault, who runs TheGroceryGame.com.

What’ll Gault spend good money on?

Gault said she sometimes won’t skimp on shoes. “They absolutely have to be comfortable,” she said. “I try to buy them on clearance, but I end up spending more on a good pair of boots or shoes than I ever would on clothes.”

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