The Secret Way to Free Cell Phone Calls

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“If you’re willing to go to the trouble of dialing your own number, waiting for the prompt, hitting 2, and then dialing the number you really want, then, yes, you get a free cellphone call. You’ll never be billed for any minutes at all.”

The NY Times’ David Pogue details the totally legal, not-entirely-secret hack for making free cell phone calls, which involves Google Voice, careful selection of your cell plan’s Friends & Family numbers, and jumping through a few annoying hoops. But the reward for punching in a bunch of extra numbers on your phone is: free calls!

While spreading the word to help customers get free calls, Pogue also offers his feelings on the ethics (or lack thereof) of getting free calls:

This way of fighting back is cheating. There’s nothing technically illegal about it; it’s clearly an unintended loophole. But you aren’t paying for the calls.