Get Schooled in Strategic Mortgage Default

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Brent White, the University of Arizona law professor who is a leading proponent of strategic default—i.e., walking away from a mortgage when it’s in your financial interest—is leading an online seminar for underwater homeowners next week, after a similar seminar recently sold out.

After attracting 200 registrants to an underwater homeowner webinar last week, White, author of Underwater Home: What Should You Do If You Owe More on Your Home Than It’s Worth, is hosting another session next week, per The Arizona Republic. The session takes place on the afternoon of Monday, February 14. That’s Valentine’s Day—and hey, what’s more romantic than a discussion about the pros and cons of bailing on your mortgage?

The upcoming seminar, expanded to up to 600 participants, costs $10 per person ($5 for the first 200 to register), and includes a digital version of White’s book. Register for the webinar here.