Shout Out: ‘Learning to Walk: Fear, Shame, and Your Underwater Mortgage’

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If you’ve been following the underwater mortgage epidemic and the related debate concerning to default or not to default, here’s an epic must-read that’s nearly 5,000 words long—and that has attracted well over 3,000 reader comments.

The article comes from the Huffington Post, and discusses dozens of homeowners who have walked away or have been carefully considering strategic default as an option over the past year. What all of these experience have in common is that they bring up a big question: Is homeownership still the American Dream? Two of the homeowners featured in the story weigh in:

“The American Dream, I don’t think that that’s really something that everyone should aspire to. There’s more to life than owning a home”

And another says, more bluntly:

“The American Dream is for s***.”