Coming in 2011: More Bank Fees

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What with the number of checking accounts without minimum balance requirements on the decline, consumers are increasingly likely to be hit with monthly bills by their banks. Fees for ATM withdrawals, wire transfers, and other services are also on the rise.

The Chicago Tribune reports on the latest sign of “bank fee creep” at Chase. In addition to a new requirement for free checking—a $500 direct deposit monthly—Chase is upping certain ATM fees: Getting money from a non-affiliated bank overseas will cost $5, up from $3, in addition to any charges assessed by the machine. An additional $1 will be charged to print out account transactions.

Other fees inching up include:

•If a customer deposits an item such as a check, and it’s not paid due to insufficient funds, the charge to the customer is rising to $12 from $10.

•Stop-payment requests for most accounts will rise to $34 from $32. For online or phone requests, the fee is increasing to $27 from $25.

•Outgoing domestic wire transfers for most customers will cost $30, up from $25. Online wire transfers for most customers will rise to $25 from $20.

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