Survey: More Than Half of Pets Will Get Holiday Gifts

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Renters are more likely to buy pet gifts than homeowners, women are more likely than men to splurge on their pets, and dogs are more likely than cats to receive gifts. So if you’re a pooch owned by a female renter, chances are pretty good there’ll be a bone, or perhaps a diamond-encrusted leash, in your stocking in a few weeks.

A poll conducted by the AP and reveals a tiny rise in owners who plan on treating their pets this holiday season, and, interestingly enough, folks who have experienced financial hardships—and who are presumably scaling back their lifestyles in various ways—are actually more likely than others to splurge on their furry best friends who are sticking with them through hard times:

The total percentage of pet gifters (53 percent) is just slightly higher than last year (52 percent), but among those in families touched by job loss in the past six months, 56 percent still plan to buy their pet a holiday gift.

While 49% of homeowners with pets will buy holiday gifts for their cats and dogs, a much higher percentage (66%) of renters, who are typically less wealthy but may have more disposable income than homeowners—because they’re not paying mortgages, for one thing—plan on pampering their pets.

Dogs have it better than cats, by the way, with 56% expecting to receive gifts, compared to 48% of cats. No wonder cats seem so moody and indifferent all the time.