Should We Worry about Inflation: Ask Ben Bernanke?

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Ben Bernanke will take your questions (Matt Sullivan/REUTERS)

Nearly a year ago, TIME magazine named Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke our Man of the Year. Even if you didn’t like the pick, you have to agree that Bernanke was a big player in both the government bailout of the US economy last year and in steering the recovery, for better or for worse, this year. In the past few months, he and the Fed have come under intense fire for their recent efforts to boost the economy. Some have even said Bernanke’s moves might spark a Civil War. (Unlikely). Just one sign of the rising ire for the Fed: A web cartoon of two bears bashing QE2 has gotten over 3.5 million hits. The video came up at my Thanksgiving dinner. Also, I can write QE2 and most of you know what I am talking about.

Well, a year later, the Bernank, as the cute bears call him, will be back in TIME, and he will be taking your questions. So if you have a zinger for the Fed chairman that would ease your fears about Quantitative Easing, or if you just want to hold the Bernank’s feet to the fire, here’s your chance. Click on this link to our 10 Questions blog and submit your question for Bernanke. If your’s is selected you will see your name and question in TIME magazine as well as Bernanke’s answer. Here’s my question: Just how cute does he think those bears are? Has he seen the video? Oh Ben, you’ve got to watch it. It’s hilarious. As you can see we need all the questions you’ve got.