Watch the New ‘Story of Stuff’: ‘The Story of Electronics’

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Today’s electronics are cheap to buy, relatively speaking. But they break quickly. They’re expensive if not impossible to fix. Even when they don’t break, they seem outdated soon after they’re out of that annoying, clamshell, sealed-tight packaging. The result is that consumers often feel like they need a new laptop, TV, or digital camera mere months after they bought a new one—which means more money out of consumer’s wallets, and more and more gadgets and electronics to toss atop the trash pile.

The people who brought you The Story of Stuff and The Story of Bottled Water have just released their latest stick-figure video, and this story takes on gadgets. The Story of Electronics asks a pretty simple question: Why are gadgets “designed for the dump,” when they could be designed to last?

Something to think about with holiday shopping season upon us, and with gadgets ranking high on many wish lists.

Here’s the video: