Sell Your Kid’s Halloween Candy

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It’s not nearly as bad as it sounds. Actually, it’s quite good—for your family, and for our troops overseas.

This, of course, is the weekend for costumed kids to go door to door collecting candy—probably way more than any child could or should eat. What to do with the excess haul?

Check out the Halloween Candy Buy Back program. To participate, you bring your candy tonnage to a dentist’s office, where they’ll pay you $1 per pound no matter if you’ve got lollipops or Snickers, M&Ms or Smarties, or any other candy collected during Trick or Treat raids. The dentists then send candy onward to U.S. troops deployed overseas via Operation Gratitude or other military support groups.

Contact dentists before bringing any candy in: You should not only confirm that the dentist is participating in the program, but also find out which day the office wants donations. Some are collecting candy on Monday, November 1, while others are requesting candy dropoffs later in the week.