Apparently, I Have Personal Finance Super Powers

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Exactly what powers do I have? That’s not really clear just yet. But so far, they involve me doing something I’m pretty good at: sitting on the couch.

I’ve just made my debut in a new PF Comic, a totally dorky-awesome series featuring personal finance bloggers who turn into superheroes with the powers to chop up credit cards with extendo-scissors or, in the current case, deliver pizzas to make debt disappear.

The new comic features Jeff from DeliverAwayDebt as a pizza delivery man with amazing debt-reduction powers. I make a brief cameo, and while watching TV on the couch (that’s me on the left), something mysteriously snaps in my brain:

Ahh … My head! What happened? Did I see one too many TV ads, getting me so agitated that I’ll soon turn into some vengeful Anti-Consumer Hulk or something? (You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.) Did I magically realize that a rogue band of grizzled debt collectors is hot on my trail hunting down some bogus debt they’re trying to pin on me?

We’ll all have to tune in next time to find out.

Amusingly enough, this comic gave me flashbacks to college, where I not only reached my sitting-on-the-couch heyday, I also delivered pizzas as a part-time job I did when not sitting on a couch or bar stool.