Tips! 124 Money-Saving Bits of Advice from Cheapskate Vegetarians, Scrooge McDuck, the Horribly Hung Over, and More

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Today’s list starts with three symptoms that indicate you probably have BSD—Bargain Shopping Disease, which you really don’t want to have.
3 symptoms indicating you have BSD (bargain shopping disease). For instance:

Your favorite phrase is: “It was on sale.” All of us fall prey to impulse shopping from time to time. The problem for people who can’t curb their desire for immediate gratification is that they’re not prioritizing. They’ve lost (or never had) the ability to figure out if they can do without, so, but for a whopping salary, they’re a centimeter away from destitution.

4 amazing life lessons from Scrooge McDuck. For instance:

We should all learn from Scrooge’s positive attitude towards success and work. Like he believes, it is possible for everyone to do almost anything, if there is just enough persistence involved.

4 myths about America’s “disappearing prosperity.” For instance:

Nobody gets ahead in a weak economy. Wrong! For everybody falling behind, many other Americans are learning new survival skills and taking risks they never would have taken in a more stable economy. Research by the Kauffman Foundation has shown that half of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing small firms were started in a recession or bear market—often because of “accidental” entrepreneurs who got laid off from conventional jobs.

5 things never to say to your kids about money. For instance:

“I don’t know how we’re going to pay the bills this month.”
Freaking out about the pile of bills? Resist the urge to tell your children about it, because they can’t help. “Don’t give them TMFI: too much financial information,” [“Mind Over Money” author Dr. Brad] Klontz says. “We can’t involve them in things they’re powerless to do anything about. Laying that load on a child makes her anxious.”

6 secrets restaurants don’t want you to know. For instance:

Some days are just better than others
Not many fishermen would go out on Sundays, so forget fresh seafood on Mondays. Then there’s the head chef, dictating everything around the kitchen until he’s off that day, of course. Eat at the restaurant on that particular day of the week, and you have the best chance of trying out how great our microwave is out back.

7 basic ways new parents can start saving for their child’s future. For instance:

Don’t Be Too Proud to Beg
There is a good chance you might know someone who has already had a child. These people have a ton of reusable items that you might be able to get for free or next to nothing. Everybody wants to give their first baby a new everything, but it’s a waste of money. We’re not talking cloth diapers or used baby powder; we’re talking about expensive cribs and overpriced changing tables.

7 vegetarian meals under $10. For instance:

Chickpea Curry with Couscous
Cost: $9.56, or $2.39 per serving
Store-bought yellow curry sauce makes this chickpea, raisin and pine nut concoction less intimidating. It can even be prepared as a one-dish meal with the couscous mixed in, says Rania Batayneh of Essential Nutrition for You.”

7 ways to save $1,000 by the holidays. For instance:

Live off your grocery stockpile. If your pantry and freezer look anything like mine, you probably have enough food to last you a couple of weeks. So skip one weekly trip to the grocery (at a cost of about $100 for a family of four), and put those canned goods and frozen foods to use.

8 fun alternatives for family pizza night. For instance:

Tacos, tortillas and pitas: Use pita bread, soft taco shells and tortillas as frugal substitutes for standard pizza dough. A package of 25 to 30 small tortillas can be purchased for less than $4, and each shell can be used to make individual pizza servings.

10 drugstore products doctors do not recommend. For instance:

Cellulite creams: Like slapping a placebo on your thighs
“They’re selling hope in a bottle. Cellulite is caused because collagen fibers deep in the dermis are irregular, causing the puckering that we see. There is nothing topical or injectable that can eradicate it. If something worked, everyone in America would know about it. Botox works; everyone knows about it. No cellulite product has been developed yet,” says Dr. Stephen B. Baker, a board certified plastic surgeon practicing in Washington, D.C.

10 dumb reasons to borrow money. For instance:

Wedding. This is probably the clearest example of something you could be making payments on long after the fun is over. Your marriage will, we hope, continue to be a source of joy, but you could have gotten hitched at City Hall instead. What we are talking about here is going into hock for one big party.

12 big annoying everyday rip-offs and scams. For instance:

It’s hard for me to even discuss this business because it’s so shady. Rent last year’s model of TV and have the right to buy it for three times the current price after paying 24 months of outrageous fees.

19 tips for saving a bundle of money on home appliances. For instance:

Take advantage of price match guarantees. Don’t be fooled by store tags that proclaim it’s the “Lowest Price – Guaranteed!” Most large retailers have price match guarantees that will also give you an additional 10 percent off the difference or – better yet – the price itself, so spend a few hours and shop around! We recently took advantage of a price match guarantee on our refrigerator and got the match plus another $15 off.

22 hangover cures. For instance:

Go crackers with honey. Honey is another one of those high fructose ingredients that helps your body get rid of the alcohol faster. So pour some on a cracker or two and put that hangover in its place.

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