Do You Have ‘Checks Appeal’?

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Duncan Steele does. And he’s fighting for your right to pay in stores with an old-fashioned paper personal check—even if all you’re buying is a 59¢ stick of beef jerky.

Duncan Steele, a.k.a. “The Man With Checks Appeal” (see video below), is the star of an advocacy campaign aimed at protecting the rights of consumers who, for some reason or another, still want the option of writing checks to pay for purchases in supermarkets, restaurants, and even, apparently, convenient stores. The movement is called the Right to Write Checks. Who would fund such a campaign? Who else but a company that manufactures paper checks, according to a Consumer Reports post.

Regardless, you gotta like this Duncan Steele guy, whose videos are being put together by the CollegeHumor folks. “Credit cards are a sucker’s game,” Steele says with a slick, knowing wink, just before a woman he’s just met jumps into his arms and straddles him.

I have to admit: I laughed more than once while watching this. OK, maybe more of a chuckle than a laugh, but still. Enjoy.