Shout Out: ‘Carnival of Personal Finance: Little Red Riding Hood Edition’

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Somebody took the time—quite a lot of time, I’d imagine—to tweak the classic fairytale into a story that links to dozens and dozens of personal finance posts. Bravo.

Here’s a sample:

As Little Red Riding Hood crossed the Forest on her journey, she would sometimes pass the Big Bad Wolf hiding in the bushes (whom she could smell from a mile away because he had very bad personal hygiene [FruGal]!). Big Bad Wolf hated his budget [Live Real Now], never used coupons [KNS Financial] and spent most of his time wishing for payroll tax holidays [Darwin’s Money], winning contests [A Gai Shan Life], having a blog as successful as TechCrunch [Intelligent Speculator], and getting promotions [Finance Your Life] (without actually working for them). One day, the Big Bad Wolf realized that if he can swindle Granny’s money out from under her, he could be “rich enough” [Financial Odyssey] to never work again.

And here’s the rest of the tale at the Well Heeled Blog.

As for the moral to the story? Watch out for wolves. The forest is full of them.

Another lesson here: Personal finance doesn’t have to be boring, though this is probably one fairytale that’d help me get my kids to fall fast asleep.