Drink Up! Free Coffee & Free Beer Today

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The stars have aligned for thirsty cheapskates everywhere.

Wednesday, September 29, is National Coffee Day, when lots of coffee shops around the country—like these mentioned in MoneyTalkNews—are pouring free cups of Joe.

Wednesday, September 29, is also the day Budweiser is sponsoring a National Happy Hour, and restaurants and bars are expected to pour 500,000 free frosty Budweisers this evening. The problem is that, as the AP noted, because of state and local laws the Bud people can’t say exactly where and when the freebies will be available. So to find out about freebies, you’ll probably have to call your local tavern or just stop by to have the rare opportunity for free beer.

Thursday, September 30, meanwhile, is when the World’s Largest Ice Cream Social takes place at Cold Stone Creamery locations, with all patrons eligible for a free 3 oz. serving of the autumnal flavor (lots of apple pie ingredients) known as Kate’s Creation.

Thank goodness all three of these giveaways aren’t occurring on the same day. That’d be too much for some gluttonous cheapskates to stomach — though I’m sure more than a few would be willing to give it a try. Bring on Free Diet Coke Day too.