Free Beer!

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Thanks to a new national promotional campaign, you have a pretty good chance of scoring a free brewski (or four) over the next few weeks. Don’t get too-too excited, though. It’s Budweiser that they’re giving out for free. But still! Free is free.

Half a million complimentary Buds will be poured by mid-October at bars and restaurants around the country. Why? The iconic brand is hurting for many reasons—some drinkers have turned to pricier craft beers (which, let’s be honest, taste better), while others have turned to cheaper crap beers (which, let’s be honest, taste about as good as Budweiser). So, as USA Today reports, Budweiser is handing out freebies to try to appeal to the masses, particularly younger, hipper crowds who might otherwise drink Bud only for the sake of irony, sorta like wearing a John Deere hat.

One week from today is when the real party happens:

The hype culminates on Sept. 29, when the brand hosts the “Budweiser National Happy Hour,” a bid by Bud to nudge folks to at least try a free brewski. The free samples for those 21 and up range from 6 ounces to 12 ounces, depending on state and local rules.

Expect to see plenty of ads on TV soon regarding free frosty beverages and Bud’s National Happy Hour. Also, it appears that (you just knew it) Facebook will be involved:

Bud plans to partner with Facebook so folks turning age 22 and up can get a free beer on birthdays.