The Two-Day-a-Month Investment Road to Riches

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Here’s an odd observation that I don’t advise you to act upon in any way: In 2010, you would have gotten an extraordinary return on your investment if you’d put money in the stock market only on the first two days of each month—and then pulled your money out every other day.

The NY Post mentions this curiosity:

If you invested on the first two days of each month from January through September, you would have had a 10.40 percent return on your investment in Standard & Poor’s 500 stocks. If you invested on just the first day of each month, your return wouldn’t have been too shabby either: 7.78 percent.

To put it into perspective, if you had placed money in the S&P at the beginning of the year and held firm, you would be up only about 2.48 percent at this point.