Cheaper Alternative to Cosmetic Surgery

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First comes the news that the “miracle” product that’s been proven to help people lose weight is actually … water. Which costs nothing or next to nothing. Now, this groundbreaking insight: There’s a free or nearly free alternative to cosmetic surgery that will make you look and feel better than if you’d gone under the knife.

And the alternative is … the old-fashioned combo of diet and exercise.

This sounds like a message that would be noteworthy in a place like Los Angeles, and sure enough, it was the focus of an LA Times column written by a conditioning specialist who says that he’s not entirely opposed to cosmetic surgery. Not at all. It’s just that diet and exercise, while requiring way more discipline and way more time, do the job better. They’re obviously cheaper than surgery too.

The entire point of the column seems pretty obvious, for that matter. But I guess there are plenty of people out there who need to be reminded that sometimes there are genuine reasons for hard work and delayed gratification. That sometimes there are downsides to the quick and easy route. That sometimes getting off your butt is a more effective, long-lasting means to an end than simply writing a check and ordering someone to fix it.

So the column makes a point-by-point argument why diet and exercise will make you look and feel better than cosmetic surgery, citing study after study that show how people who take care of themselves by eating right and moving their bodies regularly live longer, more active lives, contract fewer diseases, and have higher self-confidence.

To rehash, the news flash is: In the long run, diet and exercise will make you look and feel better than cosmetic surgery. But there’s no reason you can’t get to where you want to be via both a doctor and DIY means, according to the story:

Many people live healthy and active lifestyles yet still get some strategic nipping, tucking and sandblasting to improve their appearance, and that’s all cool.

But if you’ve got the opportunity to achieve your goals in a non-surgical manner, then consider doing it. Your body (and inner self) will thank you.

In retirement, you’ll be especially thankful for decades of good diet and exercise: You’ll not only be able to move your body better than if you’d just periodically had procedures to get extra pounds taken care of, but you’ll also have a lot more money saved by going the all-natural route. That’s all cool too.

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