Craigslist Ad: ‘$3,000 Reward for finding me a job’

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Sending out 200 resumes during a nine-month job search got him nowhere, so now a 50-year-old man from Los Angeles with 15 years’ experience in accounting and finance is offering a cool three grand to anyone who finds him a job in his field.

For those keeping score, the L.A. gentleman is offering $2,000 more than a woman in Texas who offered a $1,000 reward on Facebook to anyone who found her a job. I guess the accounting and finance world is seriously hurting—because this woman also has a background in that field.

The desperate man from L.A. spoke with an LA Times blogger, explaining that in the past he earned six figures, and if he received a contract earning something near his old salary he’d easily be able to justify the hefty reward:

“If I can get something good now rather than in a few months, that’s a $15,000 difference,” he said. “Then I won’t mind paying $3,000 at all.”

Commenting on the creative job-hunting reward strategy, an NPR blogger instead suggested the old human billboard technique:

It worked for Joshua Persky, the investment-banking consultant whose “Experienced MIT Grad For Hire” sign got him a job at accounting firm Weiser LLP. (He has since left.)

The strategy also paid off for Dustin Scholz of Williams Bay, Wisc., who landed a sales position in Milwaukee after braving the winter chill strolling around downtown wearing a “job wanted” sign.

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