Personalized Deals Coming to Groupon

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Group-buying discount site Groupon is getting personal. Instead of offering one and only one daily deal to members in a given city, the site will select from a handful of deals and send you one you’re most likely to actually want.

In a recent interview, Groupon CEO Andrew Mason explained the change:

What it means is that two different people living in the same city might not receive the same deal. We have an algorithm that looks at everything – from your location to gender, buying history, personal preferences – and picks out the deal that’s most relevant to you.

The biggest thing we heard from our customers is, “stop sending me mani-pedi deals” from our male customers, (and) from our female customers, “stop sending me paintball deals.”

Come to think of it, I don’t know that many people whose dream day consists of a morning in the spa followed by an afternoon of paintball. So this seems like a smart business move for Groupon.

Q&A: Founder Andrew Mason