Are You Ripe to Get Ripped Off?

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In three recent rip-off round-ups, title insurance and college textbooks have consumers riled up, as have unnecessarily expensive—or just plain unnecessary—home repair jobs.

Len Penzo ponders “The 5 Biggest Home Repair Rip-offs,” based on an old Readers’ Digest story. Basically, the home repair “specialists” doing the ripping off play off the ignorance and/or fear of homeowners—who will pay anything to fix leaky roofs or damp basements, or to rid their houses of mold or termites. The problem is that the, um, problem may be exaggerated, and there are often solutions available that are much less expensive than the one being suggested by the plumber or roofer giving you an estimate.

Bargaineering, meanwhile, takes on “The Five Biggest Legal Rip-offs Ever, including title insurance, college textbooks, and extended warranties.

And Forbes’ “10 Ways You’re Getting Ripped Off also cites title insurance and college textbooks, along with prepackaged deli meat, ready-to-drink baby formula, and cable TV.

Are you in the mood to get worked up over other rip-offs? If so, check out “Life’s Little Rip-offs that Drive Consumers Nuts” and “America’s Biggest Rip-offs, and How to Avoid Them.” Enjoy the outrage.