Dinner via the Dollar Store

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You head to the dollar store for everything from party favors to laundry detergent. So why not wrangle up food there too? Some dollar stores are even known to have fresh produce.

From http://www.consumersearch.com/blog/cheap-shots-a-guide-to-dollar-store-dining” target=”_blank”>ConsumerSearch’s “Guide to Dollar Store Dining”:

So what are the best food buys? Well, since every dollar store possesses a high turnover of different inventory, this answer is best left up to the shopper’s discretion. Overall, though, experts say packaged goods are often a smart bet. “Look for items with long shelf lives like sodas, pasta and snacks like chips, peanuts, cookies” says Teri Gault, founder of The Grocery Game, a program that helps consumers match manufacturer’s coupons with store sales. “Buying these at the dollar store is certainly a lot cheaper than if you just walked into a grocery store without a coupon.”

Plus, fresh produce can also be an option. Store chains like 99-Cents Only have offered fresh produce for several years. For example, a recent flier advertised a 10 pound bag of Russet potatoes and an 8 pack of Roma tomatoes for 99 cents.

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