You Probably Spent $6,514 on Food Last Year

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That’s if you’re average. Everything’s bigger in Texas—and apparently that includes what folks spend on food and drink. The average household in the city of Austin spent $12,447 on food and drink last year ($6,301 on dining out, $6,146 on groceries). That’s the most of any U.S. city, where the overall average household food bill came to $6,514 ($2,736 in restaurants and bars, $3,778 on groceries).

Check out all the food and drink data you’d ever want at’s new report, and the infographic partly shown here:

A lot of what’s in the report is stuff you know without really knowing: Richer people tend to spend a lot more on food—both on groceries and dining out. Going to bars and restaurants is far more expensive than eating at home, and makes your overall food expenditures soar.

But it’s interesting to note how different populations spend their money so differently. In Atlanta, for instance, 57% of the average resident’s food total is spent on dining out, compared to 22% in Denver. I never would have guessed Austin would have the highest average—something tells me the “drink” part of the bill factors in heavily here, what with Austin’s lively bar and nightclub scene.

Also surprising: New York City ranks as the 39th on the list, with $3,376 on dining out, $3,471 on groceries, for a slightly above average total of $6,847. But that includes all five boroughs. If we’re just talking about Manhattan, it’d top everybody, with an average household food and drink total of $13,079.