Are You Fluent in Recession?

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After you lost your “job-job,” you’ve been “decruited” more than once—maybe that “job stopper” on your neck had something to do with it—and because your financial outlook is somewhere between “blark” and “Full Walton” lately, you’ve been alternating between “Wonderbreading” and the “Peanut Butter Challenge” and need to get “approval from corporate” before you buy even one lousy coffee. Does that sentence make any sense to you?

If so, there’s no need to read Coupon Sherpa’s 25 Recessionista Slang Terms, which would tell you that, for instance, “decruited” means:

To be fired from a position you haven’t even started.

Usage: “Man, they decruited me before I finished the orientation.”

Here, some other recession-era words and phrases I’ve spotted over the past year or so:

recession porn


expensive urine