What’s on the Minds of Frugal Bloggers?

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Among other things, paper towels and toilet paper.

Len Penzo wants to know what the best value among paper towels is, and personally conducted a series of tests to evaluate the absorbency and what he calls the “scrub strength” of six different brands. The results were mixed, but Kirkland Signature (a Costco brand) offered the most scrub for the buck, while Bounty was best in absorbency and Scott did the best in cleaning. Gotta love those Len Penzo tests.

Meanwhile, Susanna Donato of Cheap Like Me unrolls the truth about recycled toilet paper: She’s a huge fan of Seventh Generation T.P., which is not only made with 100% recycled materials, but also, according to her calculations, is per-square the cheapest paper out there.

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