You Use Aspirin for Headaches? What an Amateur

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Among the many strange, little-known uses for everyday products: Alka-Seltzer to clean the toilet and soothe insect bites! Aspirin to remove sweat stains from clothing, get rid of zits, and recharge your car battery! Bananas to polish leather shoes and tenderize a roast! Beer as a conditioner for extra-silky hair!

For that last one, be sure to rinse thoroughly. Skip that step and before you know it you’ll be having one heckuva strange conversation with a cop who pulled you over. “Funny thing Officer. I have a perfectly reasonable explanation why my head smells like Heineken.”

For more uses of beer, cotton balls, plastic bags, lemons, and beyond, check out this photo gallery of “Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Items.”

Somewhat amazingly, duct tape is not one of the ordinary items mentioned. I guess it’s unsurprising that duct tape is used in so many odd, ingenious ways.

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