Whine Time: 31 Annoying Fees, Ways Your Money Is Wasted, and Other Reasons to Gripe

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Read up and pay attention or you’ll have good reason to complain too.

The Four Horsemen of Personal Finance. A.k.a., four expenses that, if allowed to run free, can easily put your finances in ruins: cigarettes, lottery tickets, booze, and dining out.

5 Overlooked Digital Charges. You may be paying an extra $4 a month to make international calls with your cell phone, whether you actually make such calls or not.

Top Five Consumer Problems, and How to Avoid Them. For example, number three on the Federal Trade Commission’s list of consumer complaints involves Internet services—including gripes about undisclosed charges and the difficulty of canceling an account.

6 Scenarios Where Early Termination Fees Apply. Includes the obvious one—the fee of up to $350 for canceling your cell phone before the contract is up—but also the rather hefty fees you can incur for early termination of your marriage, a.k.a. divorce.

11 Most Exasperating Consumer Fees. Including the non-sensical charge you incur for opting out of a service (having your land line unlisted), and the nearly unavoidable extra money you have to pay to go to a concert or show, thanks to Ticketmaster’s fees for “convenience” and “service.”

Avoiding “America’s Biggest Rip-offs”

Life’s Little Rip-offs That Drive Consumers Totally Nuts