How to create jobs

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I’ve gone on and on about how not to create jobs. In the cover story of this week’s Time, I explain what will work. The piece begins:

Later this year, a marketing manager will sit down for his first day of work at HomeAway, a company that helps people rent their vacation homes online. In the firm’s sleek Austin, Texas, headquarters, a glass-wrapped building decorated with travel souvenirs, the marketer will flip on his computer and do his job — a job no one has done before. This, you see, will be a brand-new job, one of the most coveted commodities of economic recovery. How this job will come to exist is at the heart of the most pressing problem in the economy today.

You can read the entire story here, although I strongly recommend checking out the paper copy because there are some fantastic infographics by Lon Tweeten that haven’t made their way online.

UPDATE: And here’s a video by Craig Duff.