Oh, the Places You’ll Go—to Save Money!

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It’s Dr. Seuss’s birthday, which by no little coincidence also happens to have been chosen by the National Education Association as Read Across America Day. It’s the day you’re supposed to read and read and read. So why not read something you need? Like a book that’ll save you some bread.

OK, that last one doesn’t rhyme. But it was pretty close.

In honor of Read Across America Day, Coupon Sherpa has rounded up ten frugal reads—each of which costs under $20, and which promises to help save you some cash. Two examples:

“The New Frugality: How to Consume Less, Save More, and Live Better,” by Chris Farrell, Bloomsbury Press, $16.32.
“The New Frugality” by Chris Farrell, host of Public Radio’s “Markeplace Money,” is a guide to creating a healthier relationship with your money. Personal finance is more than just money; it’s about deciding how to live a good life, figuring out what you really cherish and value, then putting your money behind those goals and beliefs. Farrell also writes about how living environmentally conscious is a natural outgrowth (and happy consequence) of living within your means. The author provides concrete advice on dealing with risk and debt, putting savings aside for investing, college, retirement, charitable giving—and realizing if and when you have enough.

“5 Meals for $5 — How to Feed 5 People 5 Meals for $5 – $8 or Less!” by Jaci Rae, North Shore Records, Inc., $6.98.
The only thing most of us spend more money on than groceries is rent or a mortgage payment, yet many of us don’t pay attention to how we can reduce this outlay. Jaci Rae’s “5 Meals for $5” cookbook is filled both with delicious and plentiful recipes as well as details on how to vastly reduce our grocery bills.