Shout Out: CBS Sunday Morning’s “The Money Issue”

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I don’t know if it’s simply great story-telling, great story selection, Charles Osgood’s soothing voice, or what, but every week I find myself drawn into every quirky little segment shown on Sunday Morning, the 90-minute program that airs on CBS on (duh) Sunday morning. The show somehow covers topics ranging from male escorts to modern art—and it manages to make every subject accessible without insulting viewers’ intelligence. Yesterday’s show wasn’t merely interesting. It had tons of practical advice and insight about money.

“The Money Issue” covered topics such as the phenomenal growth in the disparity of middleclass vs. executive wages; the rise of cost-conscious Korean automaker Hyundai from a cheap upstart to highly respected international power; and the Arianna Huffington-led backlash against big banks, which has fostered a consumer movement to shift checking and savings accounts to smaller community banks and credit unions, a topic that’s been discussed often at It’s Your Money.