Must-Watch: ‘Lemonade’

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When you get laid off, someone inevitably tells you that you’ll soon be telling people that being fired was the best thing that ever happened to you. Your knee-jerk reaction to such a statement might be, “Easy to say from somebody who has a job,” or perhaps “Go away before I cram your face in the paper shredder.” But for some people, being fired actually does wind up leading to much better, far more rewarding things.

I just watched a neat, genuinely inspiring documentary about such people. It’s called “Lemonade,” as in the deliciously sweet and refreshing stuff you’re supposed to make when life gives you lemons. I heard about the movie on Bargaineering, and I have to agree it’s well worth watching.

The film interviews a bunch of people (all from the advertising biz), who start out by rehashing the dreaded days they were axed. Some knew it was coming the moment they saw the boss’s number on their caller ID. Others were totally caught off guard as they naively entered some room with a bunch of others and were told to clear out their desks.

If you’ve ever been laid off, you’ll be able to relate. Watching will also show you that you are in good company, even if it does bring back painful memories of your own personal termination. And this isn’t just a bummer of a tale reflecting the current state of our economy. The folks featured also wind up doing some wonderful things with their lives—that’s the inspiring part.

Also, it’s only 35 minutes long. Watch it here. (If that doesn’t work, check it out directly at Hulu.)

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