What’s Better Than a Raise?

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Something that you actually have a prayer of getting. Sure, you could ask your boss to give you a bump up in pay, but good luck with that in today’s work environment. If you actually want to walk away with something after negotiations with your employer, try asking for these perks instead.

Work Awesome put together a list of things to ask for when a pay raise is out of the question. Including:

A more flexible schedule

The option to telecommute

A job title change (at least it makes your resume look better)


Additional vacation days? If you’re helping keep the company fires burning on a shoestring budget and no extra hands, you’re going to need time off before they start sizing you for a rubber suit. You don’t want that. They make your butt look big and don’t breathe like other fabrics. This is about quality of life. Even an extra day to spend with friends, loved ones, or even recharging alone can make a huge difference. A survey from the Aon Loyalty Institute revealed that the top thing a company can do to inspire employee commitment is “recognize employees’ need for time off with family.” Salary increases didn’t even make the top ten.