New High School Class Schedule: Algebra, Bio, Phys. Ed., English, 401(k)

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More states are requiring high school students to take personal finance classes in order to graduate—which seems like a pretty good idea, considering that based on what’s happened lately in the world of real estate and consumer debt, kids aren’t likely to be absorbing good financial lessons at home.

Per the AP:

The number of states requiring public high schools to offer a personal finance course rose from nine to 15 between 2007 and 2009, according to the Council for Economic Education. Thirteen states require a personal finance course for graduation, up from seven in 2007.

In these classes, student might learn about how to make a down payment on a home, navigate the terms of a lease, and start a 401(k) retirement account. At some schools, lessons start well before high school: Kindergarteners, for example, learn the difference between needs and wants.

Can adults attend these classes too?