Get This: You Don’t Have to Pay Money to Exercise

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I’ve always been puzzled by the variety of ways people will pay to exercise, from gym memberships to personal trainers and beyond. Added to that are all of the exercise paraphernalia—designer yoga outfits, pulse monitors, skin-tight cycling shirts and shorts, all manner of tiny digital entertainment devices. To get some exercise, however, all you really need is your body and a little space to move it.

Now, in light of a long-established trend toward frugality, people are overcrowding venues where exercise is free or cheap, according to the WSJ. In January, the month when resolutions are most likely to not yet be broken, malls are full of folks going for morning power walks, while free or nearly free yoga classes are packed to the gills. Meanwhile, gym memberships and sales of home fitness equipment are down.

To get into shape, you need to sweat. You don’t need to spend.

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