Are economic forums propping up the global economy?

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I’ve arrived in Davos—which made this an interesting sign to see as I was walking down the street.

I guess it’s a pretty good racket for a local economy, bringing in a few thousand suits and their expense accounts. Why shouldn’t that love be spread around?

Not much is happening here on the ground yet. But Time’s international editions are out with a multi-part World Economic Forum walk-up.

The main story, which you can read here, tackles where the global economy is headed next and includes a mention of The Myth of the Rational Market. (And Justin thought he could get away—ha!)

There are also stories on the state of three financial centers: New York, London and Hong Kong. A couple of years ago, Time coined the term Nylonkong to describe the combined financial presence and global importance of the three cities. In this week’s issue, we take another look.