Survey: Spending Less Is a Goal for 91% of Americans

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Also, more than half of those surveyed plan to save more in 2010 for things like retirement and emergencies, and 58% think fewer people will lose their jobs this year.

The survey, sponsored by ING Direct, also found that a little less than half (43%) are optimistic about their personal finances this year, while 26% are pessimistic that their financial situation will improve. From the survey announcement:

Americans are acting to improve their personal finances by taking control of their money, spending on “needs” rather than “wants” and continuing to bet on savings in 2010. According to the survey:

Two-thirds, (64 percent) of Americans plan to stash more cash in 2010 than in 2009

More than nine out of ten (93 percent) Americans with children under 18 in the household say earning enough to cover monthly bills is important as a financial goal for the New Year

Close to nine out of ten (89 percent) say building an emergency fund is important;

More than two thirds, (71 percent) of Americans say investing more for retirement is important, while 60 percent say paying off credit card debt is an important financial goal for 2010; and

Spending less overall is an important financial goal for 91 percent of Americans.