Cheapskate Wisdom from … an Automotive Diagnostician

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“I am an automotive diagnostician. We look for the root cause of problems. If we treat the symptoms, the problem always comes back. With health care, we are not treating the root cause: Why does it cost so much?”

Quoted in a NY Times story about how many Coloradans—as mixed a bag of political inclinations as there is in the U.S.—aren’t sold on health care reform, how they’re upset that the bartering process for votes has demeaned the mission and destroyed cost-control efforts, and how they’re angry about the insurance mandate. From the Times:

About 800,000 Colorado residents, representing one-sixth of the state’s population, are uninsured. The state’s politics are mixed and somewhat unpredictable. Colorado has a sizable contingent of people who want a single-payer government-financed health care system, as well as libertarians and Tea Party protesters opposed to big government.

The wide spectrum of society represented in Colorado also represent the wide spectrum of reasons to find fault with health care reform as it’s currently being discussed.