Scams to Avoid, Stuff Not to Buy, and a Bunch of Ways to Save

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The list of tips starts by doing nothing.

1 really dumb (or simply brilliant) way to cut your grocery bill by 25%. What do you do? Nothing. You skip grocery shopping for a week and eat whatever you can find in your house or apartment, thereby eliminating one-fourth of your grocery bill. This should work to some extent, but methinks that after trying this for a little while, people will start spending more on their food-shopping trips to the supermarket the week before and after they go on their week of foraging in the pantry.

4 Eco-Tips for a Wonderful New Year. Swapping, consigning, and other practices that are low impact on both the environment and your finances.

6 Ways to Cut the Cost of a Gym Membership. Your employer may pay some or all of the tab, and competing clubs are likely to match promotional offers.

10 Resolutions for a Consumer-Savvy 2010. The Better Business Bureau submits a list of scams to be aware of—and tactics to avoid getting taken advantage of in the first place.

10 Things Not to Buy in 2010. Including DVDs (because rental options are cheap and abundant), newspapers (they’re free online), and phone land lines (one of many things we’ll live without in the future, because everybody’s got cell phones).