Top Swaps: The Year’s Most Popularly Traded DVDs, CDs, Books, and Video Games

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In a year when a barter economy got new life, when consumers became more comfortable trading services or goods for everything from health care to a new wardrobe, some items switched hands a lot more than others. Among the most popular goods to swap were “The Dark Knight” on DVD, Taylor Swift CDs, Wii Fit, and books from the Twilight series.

The website Swaptree, as co-founder Mark Hexamer explains, allows members to swap CDs, DVDs, books, and video games at no cost other than shipping charges (usually under $2.50 a pop). Along with other barter sites like Barter Quest, U-Exchange, and the barter sections of Craigslist, Swaptree’s business has boomed this year.

And if you wanted to know what’s being swapped the most (because you’re merely curious, or because you’re hoping to use popular items to improve your chances of swapping for what you want), Swaptree has rounded up lists of its most traded DVDs (many, many Pixar films are up there among the leaders), books (in addition to the Twilight books, the list features David Sedaris and some Harry Potter), video games (Grand Theft Auto IV, Halo 3, etc.), and CDs (alongside newer releases are Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and a couple of Beatles albums).

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