Costco as Holiday Party Caterer

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A writer throws a fancy holiday party exclusively using food and drink from warehouse stores. The results? A reasonably inexpensive dinner, and more leftovers than she knows what to do with.

The ten-person dinner party, as told in the Boston Globe, consisted of leg of lamb, scallops with proscuitto, fresh raspberries, port, champagne, and more. The cost? About $30 a head. Not cheap, but cheaper than what the same amount of food would have cost at other stores ($52 per person).

A couple other links that could help you keep costs down over the holiday season:

For well-priced holiday cheer, the WSJ offers the year’s best wines for $10.99 or less.

For inexpensive gift purchases, the SF Chronicle has tips from a thrift store-flea market guru. Some advice to keep in mind when shopping (for other people, not yourself) for secondhand merchandise:

— Vintage holiday ornaments make a great hostess gift.

— Know someone with a collection? The flea market is a great spot for picking up a unique item to add to it.

— Purchase a set of vintage glassware and give them as a gift with a bottle of wine. Buy a pretty platter and present it with homemade baked treats.

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