In the Market for a Cookbook? Save Your Money

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It’d be nice to have a personal library next to the stove that’s loaded with recipes and cooking advice. But here are three sensible reasons why you shouldn’t buy cookbooks.

Bargaineering, in a post aimed at novice at-home chefs, lists reasons to not buy cookbooks:

The internet has tons of free recipes: You can get the recipe to almost anything by searching the web and it’s free. In addition to recipes, many sites offer visitors the chance to give feedback on a recipe so you can learn if perhaps it contains too much of any one ingredient (too salty? too oily?). You can’t get feedback in a cookbook.

You’ll receive them as gifts: Eventually someone will give you a cookbook as a gift, especially if you start cooking and talking about cooking.

Borrow them from the library: If you really want a cookbook, borrow it from the library first. See often often you use it before you go out and spend money on something that might just collect dust on the shelf. Be careful not to get it dirty though, it’s a library book after all.

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