How Vitamins Can Be a Waste of Money

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About half of Americans take a daily vitamin. It’s harder to get an estimate on how much of the money spent on vitamins is a total waste. But overdoing the vitamin thing is not just a way people overspend. It’s also bad for your health.

Some snippets from a NY Times story about getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to vitamins:

… experts maintain that if you eat well, you don’t need vitamin supplements…

researchers and scientists say paying more for a name brand won’t necessarily buy you better vitamins…

Popping too many vitamin pills is not only a waste of money but can be bad for your health…

Vitamins lose their potency over time and must be stored at, or below, room temperature. If bottles are sitting on a shelf in warm room or in direct sunlight, they may degrade even before their expiration date.


Instead of taking costly pills for vitamins and food supplements, you should opt for a more organic diet. Acquiring these nutrients from natural sources will not only save you from the cost of vitamins, but also increase the quality of your health.