135 Money-Saving Resources and Tips, Special Holiday Season Edition

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Just in time for the annual busting-of-the-budget tradition, here’s a round-up of holiday season tips from around the web that are aimed at getting you all jolly by saving you some cash.

5 Easy Ways to Save Some Green this Holiday Season. Penned by the Ultimate Cheapskate Jeff Yeager, the tips include going potluck instead over-the-top with food and drink, and decorating with creativity, not credit cards (which for a craft-challenged person like me ain’t all that easy, actually).

9 Creative Gift-Exchange Alternatives. Also from Yeager, writing for AARP, here are some alternatives to the standard gift exchange, in which you buy something and I buy something and we hope it’s not a total waste of money. Yeager’s suggestions include The Tackiest Gift Exchange ($5 max), the Gift-of-Time Exchange (you agree to take on some chores or volunteer for the recipient’s favorite charity), and the Regift Exchange.

10 Reasons Why Gift Cards Suck. Bluntly submitted by The Consumerist. Perhaps cash is a less suck-y, even thoughtful gift option?

10 Holiday Money Mistakes. A photo gallery with mostly basic stuff to avoid like tossing out your receipts or being sucked into fake bargains and promotions. Gift cards are not on the list.

18 Ways to Save Money During the Holidays. A round-up from BankRate with some standards (unless you always pay off your credit card in full, buy gifts with cash) and a couple quirkier tips, like to shop for bridal gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses around the holidays, when their business is slow and discounts are substantial.

22 Websites for Amazing Holiday Deals. Sites for finding coupons, deals, and cash-back offers, from Kiplinger’s November issue. Resources for buying gift cards (at a discount) are on the list.

32 Tips for Having Fun on a Holiday Budget. Courtesy of Real Simple readers.

39 Frugal Tips for Saving Money at Christmas. Lots of crafty DIY stuff—nine tips regarding wrapping paper alone.

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