Next Front in Holiday Shopping Price Wars: Video Games

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Wal-Mart is at it again. The retail giant has knocked $10 or so off the price of many popular video games, and a holiday shopping throw-down with the likes of Best Buy and GameStop seems inevitable.

After tangling over new books and recently released DVDs with Sears, Target, Amazon and others, the Godzilla of retailers is moving on to the video game front, per the WSJ and Reuters. From the latter:

Now through December 24, Walmart will sell “Rock Band: Beatles” for the Wii for $40, down from $50, and it will offer “Left 4 Dead 2” for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 for $50, compared with its previous price of $60.

From December 5 until December 12, Walmart also said that shoppers who buy a Wii in its stores for $199 will also get a $50 Walmart gift card.

A quick look at Wal-Mart’s “Rollback” prices showed that, indeed, dozens of video games have recently been discounted by about $10. For instance, Madden NFL 10 for the Xbox 360 is now $50, down from just under $60. At last check, the game was still listed online for $59.99 at Best Buy, Toys R Us, and GameStop, though the latter had pre-owned versions of Madden NFL 10 for $49.99.