Self Mag Tells You How to ‘Save $656 This Month (At Least)’

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A story in this month’s issue of the magazine lists ten tiny, very manageable strategies—some are obvious, some a little peculiar, all with the potential to save you some money.

Check out the story. Here’s an example, a little mind game that many people play with unfortunate consequences:

3. Stop the fuzzy mental math

You gain a windfall, then find yourself rationalizing all sorts of purchases under the “but now I have the money” clause. And you end up spending that birthday check not once but (oops!) three times. Experts call this malleable mental accounting: You spend the cash on X while another part of your brain allots the same amount for Y and Z. If you land a chunk of change, jot down a set figure to save and a guiltless portion to use for a splurge. That way, the bonus cash will actually leave you with something extra in your account!


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