Who Is Truly the Coupon Queen?

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Several women have been anointed with the title of Coupon Queen. But whose coupon-clipping, money-saving skills are so impressive that we should bow in awe of their majesty?

Something tells me that few actual queens clip coupons—but perhaps the Queen of England should, in light of her recent financial woes.

In these YouTube videos, various Coupon Queens reveal their overstocked pantries and walk viewers through the grocery aisles to show off how it’s done. Will the real Coupon Queen please stand up? Among the contenders for the throne are:

Coupon Queen Heather Tenney
She can talk serious coupon smack: “By the time it takes most people to cut one coupon,” she says, “I can cut 30.” Using her huge coupon binder, Tenney pays $13.69 for more than $135 worth of stuff, including 10 free packs of hot dogs and 10 free packages of toilet paper. People in her coupon seminars (yes, she gives seminars) say they’ve been able to come out of foreclosure because of what they’ve learned from her about coupons. This Coupon Queen also goes by the name Little Miss Know It All.

Chicago Coupon Queen Jill Cataldo
Clearly, this trip to the supermarket isn’t Cataldo’s first time using coupons: Her baby can identify the word “FREE.” Cataldo, who calls herself a Super-Couponer, also teaches classes on using coupons and sells a Super-Couponing DVD for $20.

The Original Coupon Queen Susan Samtur
Samtur is either a tiny woman or she’s gotten hold of an enormous shopping cart. No matter, because she’s powerful enough to bag over $100 worth of groceries for $7.35. A little tip that might be overlooked in this video: If you’re stockpiling tons of stuff, remember to push the older stuff up to the front of your shelves so that you’ll use it first. Otherwise, you’ll use the new stuff, and the old stuff will get really, really old. Yes, she too gives seminars. She also has a website and magazine called RefundleBundle, and has done lots of TV appearances, including Maury Povich, MSNBC, and more.

Stockpiling with the Coupon Queen
She piles up cereal boxes ten deep, and at certain points has had as many as 140 boxes in her pantry. She’s got enough tea, Hamburger Helper, hot sauce, aluminum foil, toothpaste, and shampoo to open her own mini-mart. No seminars or DVDs as far as I can tell, but she does mention that she has six children.

Coupon Queen Jolinda Eibert
Free bread and nearly free lunch meat are among Eibert’s finds in her grocery store venture, during which $939.06 worth of stuff winds up costing her $185.73. Ever the perfectionist, he’s not happy with her takeaway. She was hoping the trip to the store would have cost under three figures.

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