Sans Cell Phone: Could It Actually Be Possible to Live Without One?

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A stubborn, shrinking-but-still-substantial group of consumers refuses to buy cell phones. Why? Among other reasons, they like to control their availability rather than being “on call” 24/7—and they like the idea of not having $95 monthly bills, which is what the average iPhone user pays.

The NY Times has a story on this band of so-called “cell-phone refuseniks.” In some ways, their lives are more relaxed and enjoyable. Then again, there are times when life is much easier with a cell phone. When a car breaks down on the highway, drivers don’t stop like they used to—because everyone assumes everyone else has a cell phone. Trying to meet up with friends at a certain time and place can be a hassle too. Everything must be prearranged, and you’re out of the loop if there’s confusion about directions or someone is running late. When’s the last time you had to use a pay phone?