Six Ways to Break Your Cell Phone Contract Early Without Penalty

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The dreaded “early termination fee,” or ETF, can hit you with a fee of $100 or more if you dare try to get out of your cell phone contract before the contract runs out.

A post at lists half a dozen reasons that (in theory) allow you to terminate without paying a premium. Some tips are more practical than others. For example:

Keep an eye out for notices of service changes. You typically have the right to cancel if your provider makes a “materially adverse” change to your agreement.

Seems a bit more doable than this one:

Move to an area without coverage (seriously?). If you can’t get reliable service at your home address, your carrier might let you out of your contract.

If anyone out there actually moves just to avoid paying a cell phone ETF, drop me a line. I’d like to shake that person’s hand—perhaps just before I suggest seeing a therapist.

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