Shout-Out: ‘How to Make Your Tools, Gadgets, and Appliances Last Forever’

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Something breaks and what do you do? Normally, toss it in the trash and buy another. That’s probably a cheaper route than calling a repairman, plumber, or electrician. Not long ago, people were accustomed to taking a different strategy: fixing it themselves.

A story in the October issue of Popular Mechanics celebrates the growing number of handymen and handywomen who disdain our throwaway society and who are going old-school by embracing a “repair culture.” Read the story here.


As a member of an electrical equipment supplier groups, I cannot resist the appeal to comment on this topic. In my opinion, the only way to make these things last forever is that you pay attention to how they are used. It would make you go to sites like less and less, which will finally result into boost of your business.