Less than Half of Medical Malpractice Suit Dollars Go to the Person Suing

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Here’s another disturbing stat about health care: 54. That’s the percentage of medical malpractice money that goes to trial lawyers and administrative costs.

And guess who is expected to put up such a fight against any malpractice reforms that Congress just won’t go there? Trial lawyers, of course. Info courtesy of a WSJ op-ed (penned by a lawyer by the way):

The upshot is simple: A few thousand trial lawyers are blocking reform that would benefit 300 million Americans. This is not just your normal special-interest politics. It’s a scandal—it is as if international-trade policy was being crafted in order to get fees for customs agents.


Medical malpractice is a serious issue that can cause big problems. Hospitals must take doctor reviews by past patients and post them publically. This will make all doctors cautious about their repute and the chances of malpractice will reduce.


As I see it, they have to get paid somehow. We actually dealt with a case that was malpractice and it was a nightmare. We're lucky that there were some good lawyers out there to help us though. Sure, they get a good amount of the cash in the end, but they do their job well.