How Many Times Can You Use a Razor Blade to Shave?

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A true cheapskate disregards the term “disposable.” With a little effort—and a heap full of pig-headed, tight-wadded stubbornness—things like plastic utensils, paper cups, aluminum foil, and yes, razor blades, can be used again and again and again. offers tips on prolonging the life of your razor blade, so that a five-pack of blades could last you five years. Among the advice: Dry the razor, even using a blow dryer if necessary—because a wet blade will rust and wear out sooner. Another tip involves an old pair of jeans:

This razor trick works likely as a function of being an effective way to dry the blade. But from my research, users are very happy using this technique, and have made a disposable razor last up to a year, so there may be some additional benefits to this strategy.

Simply run the razor along the entire leg of an old pair of jeans 20 times in each direction. Apparently the cross-fibers of the jeans do a bang-up job of either drying and/or sharpening the blades to keep them pristine.

There’s a link to video of how to do it at